I'm just a tiny girl trying to make it in this big kid world. Fashion changed my life and gave me the confidence to stand tall against a world full of people who will try and bring you down. I just want to share my passion for the fashion and textile industry with you and hope that it helps you become confident and stylish person that you can be

Style Must Haves 

Every Monday I try and highlight an item that I think belongs in every woman's closet. I talk why its important, how to style it, and suggest multiple buying options (even a Look for Less!). I guarantee I can find something in every budget!

Textile Trends

Every Wednesday is Trendsday in my world! Come learn about textiles, whats coming up for Spring/Summer 2019, and why I'm forecasting it! Its super interesting and really inspirational.     PS: Trust me on this - I'm a professional ;)          

Fashion Faux Pas 

Fridays deal with Fashion Faux Pas! Nothing is worse than trying a style and realizing too late you've made a huge mistake! Read about styles that are commonly worn incorrectly and my Do's and Don'ts for how to wear them!


Want to Know About Me? 

My name is Elizabeth J. Darin. The "J" is super important because I have a cousin with the same name (still have no idea why that happened...). I grew up in a small town in CT - the youngest of 3 and definitely the oddest of the bunch. I loved fashion at a young age; this entire journey started with a pair of white cowboy boots with pink rhinestones that I wore every day of my life. I went through grade school as kind of an outsider - only finding my confidence when I stood up to a popular girl at school who was making fun of my FABULOUS Vivienne Westwood boots (she was obviously delusional). I have a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Industry Management and focused my studies on textiles and trend forecasting. While in college I discovered the textile industry and fell in love with this crazy mixture of art, science, and craftsmanship. I currently work in NYC at a Japanese Textile company and I consult with all the designer brands in NYC (mostly women's clothing) and handle all the trend forecasting for my company. I commute from CT - its a crazy train ride that takes 4 hrs of my train but you've got to do what you've got to do. In my spare time I do crazy things with my boyfriend; we climb mountains, take boxing lessons, go to balls, and are basically open to doing anything once.