My Story

My name is Elizabeth J. Darin. The "J" is super important because I have a cousin with the same name (still have no idea why that happened...). I grew up in a small town in CT - the youngest of 3 and definitely the oddest of the bunch. I loved fashion at a young age; this entire journey started with a pair of white cowboy boots with pink rhinestones that I wore every day of my life. I went through grade school as kind of an outsider - only finding my confidence when I stood up to a popular girl at school who was making fun of my FABULOUS Vivienne Westwood boots (she was obviously delusional).

I later found myself at Philadelphia University where I learned about fashion, people, life and myself. Having always been an excellent student, encountering a subject that I actually had to study and put effort into was definitely a kick in the ass. Textiles was extraordinarily difficult for me and brought out the super competitive side that I usually try to keep in line (anyone who knows me knows that I cannot participate in board games due to this inner Hulk). During the Epic Battle with Professors George and Howard, blood was lost, tears were shed, fibres were burnt and somehow a career emerged. I fell in love with how textiles was this crazy mixture of art, science, and craftsmanship that was always changing and consistently challenging me. And now I make people uncomfortable when we walk through stores because I pet things.... 

After graduating I worked for a Japanese textile company that was based in NYC. I learned so much and had amazing opportunities to go to fashion shows and travel to Paris and Japan. For 5 years I commuted from CT to NYC (4 hours a day) until February 2018 when my life went a bit insane. I was ready to move on and grow so I had been applying for jobs in both CT and NYC but, on a whim, I threw a resume to Free People in Philadelphia. The next two months were a whirlwind of traveling, phone interviews and snowstorms but it was all worth it because I got the job (and had to move and start only two weeks later). Josh (my boyfriend) and I both left everything behind and now we are starting new in East Falls. I'm definitely a bit overwhelmed and don't really know where my life is taking me now, but I figured I would share my new adventure with the world.