Starting Fresh and Struggling to Stay Sane

So in the last few months my life has been completely turned upside down, spun around and is still kind of balancing on a line between normal and insanity. Within a month I quit my job, moved to Philadelphia, and started a new job and basically a new life. My new coworkers are amazing and the atmosphere of the office is extremely inspiring (especially with all the pups running around). But moving is extremely difficult. Starting a new job is never easy. Taking a huge leap forward in a relationship is terrifying. Doing all of this with OCD is nearly impossible.

Must Have: Decorative Pashmina

Since I talk about them all the time - it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with scarves. I'm always cold so I almost always need to have something on to keep me warm - no matter what the season. What I love about pashminas is that they are usually not too bulky so I can easily roll it up in my purse- this way I can have it on the freezing cold train during the summer but not have to carry a heavy extra item with me all day long. What I want to focus on today is a decorative pashmina - something practical, beautiful and unique. You can wear it wrapped like a shawl, around the neck like a scarf, or even around your head as a hair covering. The possibilities are endless!

Trend Alert! Long Staple Cotton

I know the “nerdier” aspects of the textiles is a little dry, but this has changed the cotton industry drastically. This is probably something you have actually known about for a long time but never realized what the difference was – I’m sure the following types and brands will sound familiar: Giza, Supima, Pima, Egyption, and Suvin (There are more but these are the most common). By using Long Staple Cotton, we can achieve a look and feel that has never been associated with Cotton before; and we can do so without the use of any chemical finishes! Something as simple as using a longer cotton fibre in spinning has totally revolutionized the way cotton can be used in the textile industry and allowed us to create something new while still only using natural plant fibres.

Must Have: Faux Leather Jacket

Today is the day to finally talk about the Faux Leather Jacket! While I do own leather products, I try to wear faux as much as possible. The issue I run into is finding high quality faux leathers that will wear nicely and last a long time. Because of this, I don’t usually recommend faux leather unless I find options that I can honestly recommend based on their style and quality. I feel this industry has come a long way and faux leather jackets are definitely becoming a high quality necessity. And, every woman needs a strong piece to show how fierce she is; a faux leather jacket can do that without causing any harm to animals in the process!

Trend Alert! Summer Seersucker

Who is ready for spring? Because it is in the 70s today (I can’t believe it), the sun is shining, and I cannot wait to start breaking out my spring wardrobe. All I want to do is wear my blue and white seersucker tank with a pair of white shorts and some Birkenstocks. Which leads me to today’s trend: Seersucker! This fabric is great; preppy and nautical without being blatantly either, fun but classy, and a woven wrinkle means you can get your clothes as wrinkly as you want without looking sloppy. Can it get any better than that?

SS19 Trend: Iridescent Colouring

We are halfway through Premiere Vision Paris and halfway through the week which can only mean one thing; its time for Wednesday Trendsday! I am so in awe by everything I'm seeing – this show is amazing and overwhelming but utterly inspiring. There are a lot of different textile trends but an overlying theme, which I love, is the iridescent colour effect. I've seen it used in different weaves, weights, contents and looks but I want to focus on a specific style of iridescent fabrics. Today I want to talk about the deep, mermaid-like opaque iridescence that manages to maintain a gorgeous balance between luxury and fantasy.

Must Have: Plaid Trench

Today’s "Must Have": The Plaid Trench. Now coats tend to be the last minute addition that people throw on and not as much thought is put towards the style. This is a huge mistake! Every part of an outfit needs to tie into the rest and not a single piece is more important that another - these are all equal parts of a whole. Your coat is the finishing touch to your outfit and a crucial piece of a stylish look.

The Do's & Don'ts of International Business Travel

So today's blog is going to be a little different since I'm going to Paris tomorrow! After many business trips I personally believe that I have become a pro at packing. To make life a little easier and give you guys a little less to read, I actually made a video to explain how I figure out what to pack. Below I've also given you some do's and dont's to help you avoid any mistakes when preparing for an international business trip (and extra baggage fees). I even paired up with an amazing makeup artist to give some wonderful advice on travel makeup and skin care: Kelsey Ann. I hope you enjoy!

Trend Alert! Tencel Fibres

In this blog I’m going to focus on the Fibre and Yarn stage of the industry and talk about a product that I am obsessed with: Lenzing’s Tencel. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also one of the most eco-friendly fibres on the market.

Must Have: Classy Statement Pump

Today I want to talk about the classy statement pump. I say classy because a statement pump can be covered in spikes and double as a weapon (and there is nothing wrong with that!). This specific blog post is about the more subtle statement - something that screams for attention without being so loud that it belongs in a club. 

Must Have: Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit Sweaters. Originally made for fishermen and farmers, the cable stitch was created to represent the fishermen’s rope. Its pretty awesome that something made for historically difficult and rough jobs has become a fashion staple piece in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. The different knitting techniques that creates the shapes add depth and interest that brings the idea of a “chunky” sweater to an entirely new level. This is definitely a must have; especially in the horribly wet and chilly weather that we deal with for fall and winter in New England. 

How To: The Graphic Tee

The Graphic Tee. It was a staple in my wardrobe growing up and is still a staple in my wardrobe when I don't want to get dressed so I steal my boyfriends clothes. Honestly thats where it stays - at home where nobody is going to see it. But graphic tees will never die - I buy them all the time from concerts and events, companies are constantly giving them away for free and everyone loves a free tee shirt, and its a much more "outspoken" way to wear a basic tee shirt. As an adult it is a bit harder to wear on a daily basis but if styled correctly, a graphic tee can even be worn to work!

Trend Alert! Solid & Sheer Organza

I'm not exactly sure why but I've been obsessed with the ideas of different types of organzas for Spring/Summer 2019. I think the fact that the weather has been cold and grey lately has really made me want to see the lightest and prettiest fabrics I can think of - today I'm going to focus on Solid and Sheer Geometric Organzas

Must Have: Velvet Over The Knee Boots

Velvet Over The Knee Boots. Lets break it down. First, you have my absolute favorite style of shoe. If we didn’t have warm weather, I would wear a pair of over the knee boots every day of my life. I wear them with literally everything. Next, we are making them out of one of the most classic, luxurious, and elegant fabrics in existence. Velvet is the fabric of royalty. The texture is lush and rich, it holds dye in deep and beautiful colours, and the shine automatically brings it to a entirely new and fabulous level. The result of making these shoes out of velvet is a beautifully classy and fun piece that can be worn in so many different ways.

Ametora - The Plaid Pleated Mini

Since this entire week at work was themed toward Ametora and collegiate/ivy league fashion, I wanted to focus today on the pleated tartan skirt. Love it or hate it, the fact that this is a staple piece in most school uniforms means that this skirt will never go out of style. I am personally not a huge fan but the Vivienne Westwood skirt that I wore is more of a kilt and I am obsessed with it. It is constructed impeccably, the fabric feels amazing, and it can be styled so many different ways. However, the pleated tartan mini skirt has two major issues: quality and style.

Trend Alert! Embroidered Organza

For the past few months, I've been seeing embroidery everywhere. Its on denim, leather, dresses, and even sweatshirts. I'm personally not the "trendiest" person in the world (I prefer trans-seasonal classic items that stay in fashion) but even I am guilty of looking into buying this trend.

Must Have: The Camel Coat

I’m a big believer that coats help make an outfit (which is why my outfit of the days always have a picture of my outerwear as well as my main look). Today I want to talk about the Camel Coloured Coat. This is one of the classiest pieces you can own and is extremely versatile (Also Nina Garcia says you need one in your wardrobe). I love how it can be dressed up and down but still maintains its elegance.

Trend Alert! Cut Jacquard

From here on out I'll be highlighting a trend every Wednesday that I think will be coming up for Spring/Summer 2019. Since I focus on Textiles, I work much farther in advance than regular trend forecasters - fabric is the first step so we have to start extremely early. Today I want to focus on Cut Jacquards (AKA Surface Figure Weaves/Dotted Swiss Weaves/Clipped Spot or Dot Weaves/etc...).