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Must Have: Off The Shoulder Statement Top

Must Have: Off The Shoulder Statement Top


You will see that the majority of my outfits stem from the idea of opposites. In todays case, I am wearing an off-the-shoulder top with huge sleeves. Because it is such a "loud" top, I paired this with a more muted look of simple jeans and my favorite pair of over-the-knee boots. The great thing is that this entire outfit was bought inexpensively and created an awesome, but not overpowering, look.

So I figure what I will do is focus on one item for each blog post. Today I'm going to focus on this amazing shirt. I found this at TJ Maxx for $29.99 (unfortunately I can't find it online but it may still be in store). I always get nervous wearing something with such a voluminous feature but the straight cut of the body of this top helps keep the sleeves from overwhelming my body. Since this is such a statement, I wanted to pair it with simpler clothes and accessories. The boots may actually be a bit much for this outfit, but I'm basically known for my boot collection so I bend my rules a little bit with these :P


Buy It

So I was able to find the exact same top at poshmark but unfortunately it is more expensive and in a different colour. Find it here


Buy it for Less

So after some crafty key word searching I found this similar top at Target for $29.99! The sleeves aren't as insane as what I'm wearing but I love the effect of this top without being too overwhelming. Buy it here 

Must Have: Vintage Boyfriend Sweater

Must Have: Vintage Boyfriend Sweater