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Must Have: The Camel Coat

Must Have: The Camel Coat

I’m a big believer that coats help make an outfit (which is why my outfit of the days always have a picture of my outerwear as well as my main look). Today I want to talk about the Camel Coloured Coat. This is one of the classiest pieces you can own and is extremely versatile (Also Nina Garcia says you need one in your wardrobe). I love how it can be dressed up and down but still maintains its elegance. What a lot of people don’t usually realize is that these coats were actually made from Camel hair (Its not just because of the colour!) The iconic camel coat was launched after WW1 by Jaeger and definitely has a military vibe to the style. Now the styles may change (and rarely use camel hair) but it is almost always a longer coat with similar colouring. 


The one I wore this week is a little more casual in style. Mine is a wool/cashmere blend and one of the softest items I own.  I, believe it or not, received this beautiful coat for free! It was a sample made up to show one of our fabrics and after a few seasons I was able to keep it for myself! The fiber content makes the hand feel extremely luxurious and it is amazing at keeping me warm in this crazy weather.  I wear it all the time with dresses, jeans, and anything in between! I love to pair it specifically with greys, purples, browns, and blues. 


Actual Camel Hair Coat

Just because its beautiful, I had to put an actual Camel Hair Coat on this list. This one is from Brooks Brothers and retails at an extremely unaffordable $1398! I believe in investment items but personally that’s a bit too much investment. Find it here

The Jaeger Coat

This one is from Jaeger and I had to include since they basically created this piece. I think its beautiful, simple, and definitely more in what I consider to be a fair price for an investment piece. Buy It here


The Quality Basic

I pulled this L.L.Bean coat as well since it is extremely similar to the coat that I wear. I think L.L.Bean is a great company for outerwear – for something that is more classic in style and quality is important, focus on the actual piece and not the brand name. Who cares if its designer? Buy it here


The Look for Less

This is a beautiful coat from Amazon. I wanted to try to find something that has a wool content because you really want the natural insulation and water repellent characteristics of wool in outerwear. Buy it here

Ametora - The Pencil Skirt

Ametora - The Pencil Skirt

Trend Alert! Cut Jacquard

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