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Ametora - The Pencil Skirt

Ametora - The Pencil Skirt

Every season we theme our showroom to either a place or style. This SS19 we decided to theme it to Ametora (Japanese slang for American Traditional). In the most basic explanation I can give – A group of men in Japan got really frustrated with the fact that the Japanese style for men consisted of uniforms while in school and then suits. So they took a trip to the US in the 60s/70s and visited all the Ivy League schools; they were extremely inspired by this preppy look and created an entire rule book for how to put together outfits to stick to this style. Now you can refer Kazuo Hozumi’s “The Illustrated Book of Ivy” for a literal picture book/guide of what to wear based on these rules (buy it here). I personally read this as a mix of Gossip Girl meets Harry Potter meets Clueless. To read more about Ametora, you can read the history in W. David Marx’s book here


Throughout our expo we try to dress according to the theme. I decided to do my take on the khaki skirt in this illustration. Mine is a wool blend pencil skirt from Banana Republic and has a beige, black, brown, blue and red plaid design. My style isn’t too preppy but I tried my best by pairing it with a bright blue blouse and my classic camel coat. 

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A pencil skirt is a great staple item that every woman should own (and yes even short gals like me can wear one!). It can work in any business environment and the fabric and pattern can bring it from casual to formal

The Classic Pencil

This is the quintessential pencil skirt and you can’t beat the price. Calvin Klein is a great brand if you are looking for a more professional but stylish look and this skirt is a must-have (and its available in so many colours!). Buy it here


Patterned Pencil

I wanted to find a patterned skirt that is similar to the one that I focused on today. This one is a simpler pattern but I like that the houndstooth is in black and camel – the darker colours definitely elevate the look. Buy it here

The Statement Pencil

I decided to show this skirt because it is definitely a much more elevated version of a pencil skirt. I think this is a beautiful look and the ruffle is fun but so classy. Buy it here 


The Look for Less

Most of the options I gave you today are what I, personally, would consider affordable for a staple item. However, If you are looking for a similar look at a much more discounted price, this skirt on amazon has awesome reviews (only 4 and 5 stars!) and seems to surprisingly be a great quality for the super low price. Buy it here

Trend Alert! Embroidered Organza

Trend Alert! Embroidered Organza

Must Have: The Camel Coat

Must Have: The Camel Coat