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Ametora - The Plaid Pleated Mini

Ametora - The Plaid Pleated Mini

On the advice of a good friend of mine, following with the idea of theme days (like Wednesday Trendsday), We now have Friday Faux Pas! Since this entire week at work was themed toward Ametora and collegiate/ivy league fashion, I wanted to focus today on the pleated tartan skirt. Love it or hate it, the fact that this is a staple piece in most school uniforms means that this skirt will never go out of style. I am personally not a huge fan but the Vivienne Westwood skirt that I wore is more of a kilt and I am obsessed with it. It is constructed impeccably, the fabric feels amazing, and it can be styled so many different ways. However, the pleated tartan mini skirt has two major issues: quality and style. 

A Question of Quality

When a fabric is being pleated, it's just a matter of creating consistently sized folds. If that fabric has a pattern on it, the manufacturer has to be meticulous about the size of the pleats in regards to the repeat of the pattern. When done correctly, the pattern continues almost seamlessly across the pleats. Nothing upsets me more than seeing the pattern come so close to being correct and then being “just off.” It is actually harsh to the eye as well if the pattern is very busy. Trust me when I say - spend a little extra money and buy a quality version.


The "Kilt" 

Similar to my Vivienne Westwood skirt, this mini by the Kooples has more of a classic "Kilt" look. Very fashionable and a really fun piece - Its definitely for the woman who isn't afraid to rock this type of look. Buy it here  


The Classic Uniform

This pattern is very reminiscent of a uniform and can be great (as long as its styled correctly). I love the combination with the sweater but I personally wouldn't wear it with white - its too close to a button down shirt. Buy it here

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 6.51.07 PM.png

The Look for Less

I love this cute skirt from Amazon! It isn't too short and the pattern is a bit more "adult" than the typical pleated plaid. Since this is a "budget" version, this pattern will also hide any imperfections in the pleating. Buy it here

The Style Issue


For some reason unbeknownst to me, it is apparently extremely difficult to find a balance between looking like a back up dancer for Brittney Spears and boarding the Hogwarts Express. This look has been highly sexualized and, if you aren’t careful, can make you appear to be “appearing” in an adult movie. On the other hand, if, like me, you look like you are 12 when you are actually in your late 20s, being asked to the next school dance by a teenager is more of a concern. I paired mine with a pair of black boots and a grey turtleneck sweater.




The Dos and Don'ts

1.     DON’T wear knee or thigh high socks

2.     DO wear tights or even fish-nets if you are looking for something a little more “punk”

3.     DON’T wear over the knee boots or any shoes resembling Mary Janes 

4.     DO wear a pair of leather boots (knee high or below) and fun flats. If you want to go with the uniform style – pair it with a pair of flat oxfords. For an informal situation, converse or non-athletic sneakers are acceptable as well.

5.     DON’T wear it with a button down shirt or blazer. This is way too reminiscent of a school uniform.

6.     DO wear it with a basic top. Even a graphic tee can work if all of your other accessories are more subtle. Your top should be fitted but not too tight.

7.     DON’T wear it with a crop top or anything that shows your stomach.

8.     Lastly – DO NOT EVER wear it with your hair in pigtails. Not even on Halloween. Its just awful

Must Have: Velvet Over The Knee Boots

Must Have: Velvet Over The Knee Boots

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