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Must Have: Velvet Over The Knee Boots

Must Have: Velvet Over The Knee Boots

Velvet Over The Knee Boots. Lets break it down. First, you have my absolute favorite style of shoe. If we didn’t have warm weather, I would wear a pair of over the knee boots every day of my life. I wear them with literally everything. Next, we are making them out of one of the most classic, luxurious, and elegant fabrics in existence. Velvet is the fabric of royalty. The texture is lush and rich, it holds dye in deep and beautiful colours, and the shine automatically brings it to a entirely new and fabulous level. The result of making these shoes out of velvet is a beautifully classy and fun piece that can be worn in so many different ways.


I bought my burgundy boots last year specifically as a birthday present to myself. The colour was so deep and rich and I just had to have them. As a petite person, when wearing over the knee boots I tend to gravitate towards a higher heel; These are about 4 inches tall and the fact that it is a thicker heel (but not quite a block) makes them a little more casual and easier to wear on a daily basis.  What’s great about the velvet over the knee boot is that you really get three pairs of boots in one. Unlike the basic leather boot which is stiff, the velvet allows you to wear this boot in different heights. I prefer to wear them either just under the knee or over the knee but they can also be scrunched down into a mid-calf slouchy boot. Generally with jeans I wear them at full height (which is almost to mid-thigh on my little legs) but when I wear a skirt or dress I slouch them so they are a little less intense. There are issues with velvet though; this fabric isn’t the strongest so you cannot wear it in bad weather. Since velvet is more delicate, you also have to worry about the pile (the soft fuzzy part of the fabric) rubbing and breaking down. I’ve picked a few options that I love below. 


The Statement Boots

I love this pair and definitely think it is worth the investment (shoes should always be an investment because a bad pair can really mess up your feet and back). The Mulberry colour is amazing and the stud detail up the back is super sexy and fun. Dolce Vita makes a quality shoe that will style beautifully – buy it here


The Classic Look

This is actually the same brand as my burgundy boots. I had never had worn Unisa before but I am extremely please with these shoes. They have lasted almost a year now and are extremely comfortable. You definitely cannot beat the price as well – Buy it here


The Look for Less

As I have said above – with shoes you do not want to mess around with quality. Since a bad pair of heels can be so detrimental to your body, I am recommending a shorter heel for the “budget” option.  These Forever 21 shoes come in an awesome shade of blue and the big block heel guarantees the support that all shoes should have. Buy it here

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