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Must Have: Cable Knit Sweater

Must Have: Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit Sweaters. Now, I love sweaters in general (and the bigger the better!) but this piece in particular is beautiful and will never go out of style. Originally made for fishermen and farmers, the cable stitch was created to represent the fishermen’s rope. Its pretty awesome that something made for historically difficult and rough jobs has become a fashion staple piece in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. The different knitting techniques that creates the shapes add depth and interest that brings the idea of a “chunky” sweater to an entirely new level. This is definitely a must have; especially in the horribly wet and chilly weather that we deal with for fall and winter in New England. 


I have exactly three cable knit sweaters (that I have access to at the moment – honestly I have a lot of clothes in storage as well…) and I love them all. The first is a scoop-neck beige sweater dress, the next a tan scoop-neck sweater, and the last, which I will focus on today, is a grey turtleneck. This Jeanne Pierre piece (that I got for less than $25) felt the most authentic to the sweaters that the farmers and fishermen used to wear and is honestly my favorite sweater.  This one is 100% cotton; which means that it is easy to care for and not too overwhelmingly hot when your office is 90 degrees but outside is -5. The stitches alternate between a large scale and tightly knitted small scale, creating a lot of visual interest. Most importantly, the knit is tight enough all over the entire garment that you do not see anything underneath – an extremely important aspect and something that tends to be overlooked. Stylistically I like to wear mine with nice jeans and over-the-knee boots but this piece can be paired with sneakers, leggings (only if the sweater is long enough to cover your butt), skirts and more! Below I have some suggestions for similar sweaters – I hope you love this style as much as I do!


The Original

This sweater is really the most accurate to the original cable knit sweater. This is a wool blend so the care is a little more difficult but its beautiful and definitely a great piece. Buy it here

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.53.37 PM.png

The Modern Version

This Poly/Viscose/Nylon blend is a little more modern in look. The sweater is super soft due to the blend but the synthetic fibers give it a little more of a sheen. I think the colours are beautiful and the knit is really geometric and interesting. Buy it here!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.39.08 PM.png

The Look for Less

This cotton blend is super cute and available in a bunch of great colours (I especially love "Wine Red"). The knit is tight enough that is isn't sheer and the texture is amazing. Its also under $22! Buy it here

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