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How To: Event Dressing

How To: Event Dressing

Saturday night was pretty amazing for me – Josh took me out to dinner at Arno Ristorante and then to the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. This was the greatest Christmas present ever and I had been stressing over what to wear since he gave it to me! Event dressing is tricky – I always try to figure out what level the attire is, how everyone dresses, how people my age dress, and in this case how to stay warm in the 2 degree weather. Josh and I got to talked and decided we wanted to look like “Bruce Wayne’s parents the night they died but without actually getting murdered after leaving the theater.”

I started by researching what the New York Philharmonic suggests to wear. Most events like this will have a section about attire in the FAQ – in this case they stated “Most people consider a concert by the New York Philharmonic to be a special event, and tend to dress for the occasion - in suits and ties, or "nice" dresses or pantsuits. Many people come to the concerts from work, and are dressed in professional business attire. Formal dress - evening gowns and tuxedos - are generally worn only to gala New York Philharmonic events, such as Opening Night or New Year's Eve concerts.” I knew I wanted to wear a semi-formal dress – something a bit longer to help keep me warm and more fitted. The hardest part was not going too formal but also maintaining a classy look for someone who is 26. After many fitting room visits – I found this beautiful high/low Betsy & Adam lace dress with a large open back. The lace was actually quite thick so it wasn’t too cold. I paired it with my Betsey Johnson Coat with the large faux fur collar (Helped keep me super warm), a pair of black stocking with a red pin stripe up the back, and my French Connection Heels.


The Actual Dress

You can find the original Betsy & Adam dress here 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.35.33 PM.png

The Look for Less

This is extremely similar just a little less structured and full in the skirt. It is also much less expensive :) Buy it here


Josh had it a little bit easier considering the fact that he wears a nice suit to work every day. He wore my favorite suit of his; the weave is made from multiple yarn colours of blue, grey and silver it fits him beautifully. He paired it with the matching vest, a silvery grey Michael Kors button down, and a bright blue and silver tie. He also always has a tie clip and pocket square (folded by yours truly) in his jacket. I’m not going to do a “look for less” version of his suit because suits are really an investment piece that you should spend money on and tailor to fit you. If you are having issues finding a full suit that is affordable – check thrift shops and Goodwill! The most important fit areas are the shoulders, coat length, and sleeves. Everywhere else can be a little bit big and then tailored to fit you.

The Suit

This suit is very similar in colour and I personally love working with Jos A. Bank. They are a great company and I've never heard any issues with their tailoring. Get it here

The Shirt

Shirts don't need to be expensive. Josh's suit as more blue tones in it so I like how the silvery grey shirt brings out the silver tones of the suit. Buy a similar shirt here

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.44.21 PM.png

Blue & Silver Tie

I couldn't find the tie that Josh has but I wanted to find something that brought together the colours in the outfit. This tie isn't too busy but really "ties" together the outfit (Sorry for the pun). Buy it here

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