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The Do's & Don'ts of International Business Travel

The Do's & Don'ts of International Business Travel

So today's blog is going to be a little different since I'm going to Paris tomorrow! After many business trips I personally believe that I have become a pro at packing. To make life a little easier and give you guys a little less to read, I actually made a video to explain how I figure out what to pack. Below I've also given you some do's and dont's to help you avoid any mistakes when preparing for an international business trip (and extra baggage fees). I even paired up with an amazing makeup artist to give some wonderful advice on travel makeup and skin care: Kelsey Ann. I hope you enjoy!

The Do's and Dont's

  1. DO check the weather! This is so important - I cannot stress this enough! Nothing is worse than getting to a foreign country and only having shorts and tanks when its snowing outside
  2. DON'T pack for every and any situation you can think of that might pop up. Business travel is not a vacation - your entire trip is basically planned and you generally rarely deviate. 
  3. DO alert all of your credit card companies and check what cards have foreign transaction fees. Trust me when I say that this will avoid a ton of stress.
  4. DON'T forget that the outlets are usually different and make sure you have some sort of converter if needed
  5. DO learn about the culture and remember that you are a guest - dress appropriately for the area you are visiting and try not to offend the members of the country that is hosting you
  6. DON'T bring extremely expensive or precious jewelry, clothing or other items. It is so easy to misplace and lose things while traveling and will easily ruin your trip.
  7. DO tell your family where you are going and make sure that both they and your company have a copy of your passport on file just in case (you should also always know where your country's embassy is in the place you are visiting)
  8. DON'T forget that cell service differs by area and its likely you won't be able to make phone calls. The easy solution is to rent a pocket wifi specifically designed for the country you are visiting.
  9. DO look up any interesting and historical places to visit - this may be for business but you should never give up an opportunity to experience the world

Travel Makeup by Kelsie Ann

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Must Have Items:

  1. Moisturizer: let me say it one more time moisturizer. This is so important, traveling can cause stress to your skin, have a good moisturizer will keep your skin soft and glowing. Apply once on the plane and twice a day (morning and night) once you get to your location.  My current favorites are from derma e they have a hydrating night cream that is wonderful and for during the day they have a day time cream I put on before my makeup (this will act as a primer for your skin as well)
  2. A face cleanser: you’re going to need to wash your face during this trip, of course my current favorite to travel with and I use every day is the hydrating cleanser also from Derma E

What makeup to bring?! Keep it simple. 

  1. One staple eyeshadow palette: elf cosmetics makes some great ones, like their “Mad for Matte” they are small and easy to travel with. Plus they are cheap only around $10.00.
  2. Blush, bronzer, highlight: You only need one of each but having these items will brighten your skin and keep you looking fresh! Especially if you only have time for a quick face adding dimension to your skin will make it look like you put in TONS of effort. 
  3. Foundation: everyone does this a little different so bring whatever you normally wear, having a nice base will make your whole face look more put together. 
  4. Lipstick: this is simple, you only need 5 lip times, one bold color, one nude, a neutral lip pencil and some sort of chapstick you like (I love carmex)
  5. And lastly mascara! This will pull the whole look together nothing like glowing skin and some lashes. 

What you don’t need:

  1. Eyeliner: you can easily wet a brush with a black or brown eyeshadow creating the same look as a liner. 
  2. Too many options: you will not use all your makeup on the trip and if it’s for business you need to be able to create something quick and easy. Only bring the few necessities. 

Bringing only one of each item will keep you organized and you’ll have more room for other things. 



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Must Have: Plaid Trench

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