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Must Have: Faux Leather Jacket

Must Have: Faux Leather Jacket

I’ve been saving up for the perfect time to post this because the subject is an extremely important part to a chic wardrobe. Since the weather is getting warmer, I think today is the day to finally talk about the Faux Leather Jacket! While I do own leather products, I try to wear faux as much as possible. The issue I run into is finding high quality faux leathers that will wear nicely and last a long time. Because of this, I don’t usually recommend faux leather unless I find options that I can honestly recommend based on their style and quality. I feel this industry has come a long way and faux leather jackets are definitely becoming a high quality necessity. And, every woman needs a strong piece to show how fierce she is; a faux leather jacket can do that without causing any harm to animals in the process!


I’ve always gone for more basic styled jackets but in this case, I found this piece and fell in love. The faux leather feels real, it “breaks in” like real leather would, and the style is just amazing. The zipper details are cool without being too overpowering and the cut is perfect for me. It is form fitting without being too showy and tough looking but doesn’t look like its coming from a biker gang. This jacket really is perfection. It can be styled so many different ways; I wear it with boots and jeans, dresses, skirts, large scarfs, etc… This piece is versatile investment that you will definitely not regret. I've listed a bunch of great options below and I hope you find something you love as much as I love mine!


Steal My Look!

This isn't the exact same jacket that I have, but its pretty close and has rave reviews on amazon! Prices range from $55-65 but its definitely a great piece. Buy it Here!


The Hooded Moto

I love this drapier version of the classic moto jacket from FreePeople and, as everyone knows I am obsessed with, it has a hood!! This transitional piece is definitely worth the investment of $168. Buy it here!


The Rock Star

This NastyGal Jacket is so cool and fun! The studs are so fresh chic but not too overwhelming and its only $66! Buy it here!


The Quilted Racer

I love a classic and this quilted racer jacket from Levi's is a great quality for a great price! Super chic and super cool - you can scoop this bad boy up for $79.99 on Zappos! Buy it Here!

The Lady's Leather

I am obsessed with this $168 BlankNYC jacket! Embroidery is so hot right now and this jacket mixes floral femininity with a tough, more masculine cut so well! Buy it Here!


The Look for Less

When it comes to faux leather, if you are going for a budget option you are going to want a more basic item (no frills). If you get something with too many frills, the cost of the fabric is going down which means the quality is as well. This super cute jacket has over 200 great reviews and the style is classic and chic. Prices start at $25! Buy it Here!

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