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Must Have: Classy Statement Pump

Must Have: Classy Statement Pump

Lets be honest - I have a bit of a shoe obsession. By a bit I mean I'm a borderline shoe hoarder but it really could be a million times worse than hoarding shoes. Seriously though - I am a firm believer that an outfit needs to be styled from toe to head - pick a shoe and work your way up! This is actually a really efficient way of dressing - as a commuter who walks in the city all the time, I need to think about where I'm going, how much walking I'm doing, what the weather is like, etc.. and my shoe choice is extremely important so I am comfortable and safe while being stylish all day long. Today I want to talk about the classy statement pump. I say classy because a statement pump can be covered in spikes and double as a weapon (and there is nothing wrong with that!). This specific blog post is about the more subtle statement - something that screams for attention without being so loud that it belongs in a club. 


These metallic snakeskin pumps are really the quintessential classy statement piece. These are actually a sample pair from French Connection that I somehow came across a few years ago and are the only ones in existence (at least that I know of)! I adore these heels - the metallic colouring ranges from silver to gold so they can be worn with any accessories and the snakeskin pattern is fun without being too overwhelming. I'm a very big believed in investing in shoes because a bad heel can ruin your body - the stiletto is placed perfectly on the foot so maintaining balance is easy and the arch drop off isn't too severe. I wear these all the time and have no problem with comfort. What I love most about these pumps is that they still maintain an elegance that can dress up a simple pair of jeans (like I'm wearing in this picture) or complement a beautiful dress like I wore to the orchestra a few weeks ago. The trick to finding this must have is maintaining a balance between fun and classy while being sexy but not slutty. I've listed a few suggestions below - after writing this post my shoe collection may be growing!


If Khaleesi Wore Pumps

So while researching I came across this amazing pair of pumps that remind me so much of a dragon. Khaleesi would definitely rock these at work (you know, if conquering the 7 kingdoms required pumps). They retail for $80.99. Buy them here!


The Mermaid

These pumps have a smaller size scale but I love the iridescence of them. They really are beautiful but not too loud and retail for $84.00. Buy them here!


The Professional Pump

These Michael Kors pumps are really beautiful and simple but the colour is amazing and definitely makes a statement! They are even on sale for only $65.81! Buy them here!


The Rock Star

Ok so I had to add a pair of studded heels. These are beautiful and the tonal look of them makes the studs a little less "severe" and more chic. Steve Madden makes a great shoe that is definitely worth $99. Buy them here!

The Look for Less

I've said it before and I'll say it again: DO NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY WITH SHOES!! It is so dangerous and damaging to your body - totally not worth it. When researching a "look for less" option with shoes, I always read multiple reviews. This pair is not only cute, available in a ton of patterns and colours, and only $29.99, but it has amazing reviews so I am comfortable recommending them. Buy it here!

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Trend Alert! Tencel Fibres

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