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Plaid Trench

Plaid Trench

Today is my first day in Paris and the weather is chilly but beautiful. Which is perfect to highlight today’s "Must Have": The Plaid Trench. Now coats tend to be the last minute addition that people throw on and not as much thought is put towards the style. This is a huge mistake! Every part of an outfit needs to tie into the rest and not a single piece is more important that another - these are all equal parts of a whole. Your coat is the finishing touch to your outfit and a crucial piece of a stylish look.


The coat that I’m wearing today is very special me. I can’t go into too much detail since I try to keep my work private, but this coat is made from the first fabric I ever worked on! Way back in 2013, I poured my blood, sweat and tears into making this first fabric a successful program and on Friday I came into possession of the actual garment - honestly this is as amazing as seeing my fabric walk down the runway! A plaid coat is a statement in itself but what stands out about this one is the colours; the cobalt blue is spectacular and really pops against the grey and reddish brown. I also love the fact that it is a boxier cut - it looks great with a pair of skinnies and a fitted top. In case you were wondering - this coat is also reversible and I can wear it with plain navy on the outside as well! While I wasn't able to find options that are also reversible, I've listed a few below that I really think will make a statement for you!



The Amazing Plaid Trench

I'm so, so not sorry at all for sharing this because its gorgeous. Go ahead and hate me but I felt I would be letting this blog post down by not featuring it. Buy (or admire) it Here!


The Oversized Plaid

I love how large the repeat is on this coat and the colours are fantastic! You can wear it loose like this or belt it for a more fitted look. Buy it Here!


The Look For Less

This coat is super fun and is majority wool so it will actually keep you warm! Such a great look and quality for only $49.99! Buy it Here!

Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket

Classy Statement Pump

Classy Statement Pump